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Welcome to Cinemax

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope to enlighten you about the products and services we provide, to assist you in making an informed decision.

In today’s ever changing market of technology, choosing a system that is right for you can be a difficult and daunting decision.  Knowing what is available and where to go to find that system, can be a task in itself. Finding an independent dealer, that can offer the kind of home installation service and expertise required for a high quality setup, is a vital part of the buying process.

Whether it is for a new home or an existing home, Cinemax Interactive Systems are here to help you with your project. We have some of the best home technology installers in the market with over 25 years of knowledge and expertise.

What we do:

Cinemax Interactive Systems, is company that specialises in the integration and support of home technologies, giving the user smart, simplistic control of their systems.  

Home Cinema the ultimate WOW in your home.

Multi-Room Audio Sytems

Home Automation

Lighting Control

Whole Home Distribution of Movies, Free to Air TV, Foxtel, Internet Content and much more

Custom Media Cabinetry

Computer Systems, Networking, Repairs, Sales and Online Support


We take the time to make sure that your equipment needs, not only have the best that technology has to offer, but it is installed and configured properly.  Most of all, it is fun and easy to use.

If you are feeling inspired and ready to take the next step into the future of technology, please call or e-mail us under the Contact Us and we will get back to you shortly with more information on how we can help you.

Please enjoy our site and be sure to come back, as we countinue to bring you the latest in innovation and technology.

Thank you.

Your team at Cinemax.